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Most products listed here are SHAREWARE products.
These products have all the features implemented, but after trying the software during 21 days, you must register.
Thanks for supporting the shareware concept.

Windows XP / 2000 / NT/ 9x products:

Product Description Download Register

TreeDiff 1.6
NEW Build 2005/01/28

(see help's whatsnew section for details)

Directory / Archive comparison and synchronization.
Compares using 32-bit CRC. File operations, Batch processing, and a ton of other great powerful features.
New: Better support for newest RAR archives (even crypted), and other improvements.
New: Supports Drag & Drop from File Explorer.

BETA version available (Windows 7 fixes only)

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Dup II v1.0.2
Duplicate finder
NEW Build 2002/02/13

Manage duplicates in several directories in one shot !

NEW: Soundex sort criteria added.


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FDS 1.0
Fast Directory Size
Build 2001/10/29
Calculate the size of a set of files, per directory, recursively. zip

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MSR 1.0
Multiple Search/Replace
Search and replace multiple text strings in one shot, and into any files and directories using file wildcards. zip

Not yet


Windows 3.x and DOS products (no more supported) :

Windows / DOS
Description Download Register
TreeDiff 1.1
for Windows 3.x
Directory / Archive comparison. Compares using 32-bit CRC. Synchronization and a ton of other great powerful features.
The registration is the same as the Win32 version. Note: This version is not at the same level as the Win32 version.
Also, due to the decreasing number of users for the 16-bit version, it's no more upgraded nor supported.

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(registration is common to the win16 and Win32 versions)
ZDiff 2.5
for DOS
An old DOS version. Works with fast Pentiums, but seems to break if more than 64MB of RAM is installed. Please email Please email

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