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Most products listed here are SHAREWARE products.
These products have all the features implemented, but after trying the software during a test period of 21 days, you must register. Thanks for respecting the shareware concept.

TreeTreeDiff 1.6 for Windows (all versions, Vista/Seven/Eight currently in BETA stage)

TreeDiff is a Directory tree Comparison and Synchronization utility.

It allows you to compare any directories, whether they are located on disk or in archives (ZIP, JAR, RAR, ARJ...) or user-generated Snapshots.

The results are displayed in a side-by-side scrolling window, different colors illustrating the differences.
You can then apply filters, Sort by column, Print the results, Save them to a text file, perform Directory Synchronization, and perform other standard File Operations (copy, move, delete). You can use other external programs, for opening files, too.

You can also take a Snapshot of any directory structure and use it as a basis for future comparisons.
TreeDiff uses a 32-bit CRC for comparisons (the same as PKZip (tm)), requires no additional software to read archives, and handles over 260 million files using only a few memory.
Context-sensitive popup menus and Help makes it easy for you to use TreeDiff powerful features.

TreeDiff does the job quickly, and efficiently. The colorful display, along with Filters, makes it easy for you to find what you expect from a professional comparison and synchronization program.

TreeDiff is a shareware program, here are its different "flavors" :

Main features :

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MSR v1.0 - Multiple Search/Replace

MSR is a 32-bit Windows program that allows you to search and replace several text strings in one shot, and into any files and directories using DOS wildcards. You can specify any number of Search/Replace text pairs and save and/or load them from disk. Very useful for repetitive stuff, and for avoiding human errors.

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FDS v1.0 - Fast Directory Size

FDS is a 32-bit Windows program that allows you calculate the size of a set of files, per directory and sub-directories.
Each directory is displayed with its total size, and you can expand each directory to see the details : subdirectories and files.

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DUP II - Find Duplicates

DUP is a 32-bit Windows program that allows you to find duplicate files in one or several directory trees.
Duplicates are easily identified using colored tabs, showing where the duplicates were found.
The duplicate sort order and criterias are user-selectable, using a SortBar. You can also click onto column headers to sort on just one criteria.
32-bit CRC is used to identify binary duplicates. A Quick CRC mode speeds up the process for big files.
You can select one or several files displayed, to perform any action you like: Copy, Move,delete, clear from list, Open with associated program, etc.

Dup II is fast, simple, and yet very useful for managing HUGE quantity of files (not limited by Win32 common control sizes).

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